Case Studies

A collection of recent work, alternatively you can view the showreel for an overview. All work is the sole concept and production of Phase Creative, although some pieces are when directing creative teams for clients.

Moving Image

One Voice WWF International brand film 2013

WWF International Brand Film from Phase Creative on Vimeo. A global institution, with in-depth local knowlaedge, the WWF needed to show the range of locations and partnerships they cover, but projected with one voice.

Doctor Who Quiz DVD Menus

Doctor Who Quiz DVD Menus from Phase Creative on Vimeo.To celebrate the long running TV show's 50th anniversary, a DVD board game was released, featuring all 11 Doctors. Players travel through time to save the world from the most fearsome monsters. The Brief was to realise a fictional space-scape with projections of the Doctors and Monsters, and to design the screens required for gameplay functionality. The space scenes were constructed solely in After Effects, making extensive use of the Trapcode Suite (Particular, Form, Lux & Horizon).

Looper DVD/Blu ray menus

Looper DVD Main Menu from Phase Creative on Vimeo. With outstanding material to work with, the DVD menu was taken to another 'loop' to add in some visual hints and comparisons between the two lives of the main character Joe.

Looper Blu Ray main menu

Looper Blu Ray main menu

Looper Blu Ray main menu

When designing the Blu Ray menus a stripped down look, utilising the 'O's from the title as a housing for all the navigation, it created some interesting problems with the format constraints, but an elegant solution was eventually achieved.

Wrong Number a mash up of DVD releases, new and old. Its all about communication and reactions, beginning with an innocent phone call ...

Download Wrong Number video: H.264 "MP4" | Open Format "OGG"

Watching The Detectives used the Elvis Costello classic as narrative for a collection of crime programming. the brief was to keep the visuals tight to the lyrics, which became quite challenging ...

Download The Detectives video: H.264 "MP4" | Open Format "OGG"


My City Madrid Corporate Video

My City - Madrid from Phase Creative on Vimeo. Atos manage and deliver vast infrastructure and IT systems to governments and city's across the globe. My City - Madrid tells the story of recent upgrades to Madrid's emergency response system, and the positive impacts these changes have made to health professionals and citizens alike, whilst firmly fitting with Atos' current branding.

Digital Garage provide sales, support and consultancy services to the broadcast, post production and education sectors, Founded in 1997 their passion and knowledge for industry has seen them carve out an excellent reputation. Phase Creative were tasked with realizing the companies brand values, and applying this solution through stationary, display graphics, online and on-screen.

Digital Garage stationary

The solution was to represent Digital Garage's ability to take an overview of their clients needs, and supply both products and services that integrate with, or often improve their customers existing workflow.

Digital Garage stationary

When applying the brand to stationary, secondary elements are used to communicate the core skill-set of Digital garage. These icons were then used to illustrate the companies workflow knowledge in a diagram which has been heavily used across all media formats.

Digital Garage word cloud

Digital branding encompasses all the businesses many skills, but using an integrated concept. The Word Cloud takes a common online theme to represent the myriad of services on offer, it is used both on screen and in print in conjunction with iconogrphy developed for the brand.


Com hem are Swedish cable TV providers and were launching new digital on-demand service, which needed technical and creative direction. Phase Creative provided visualizations and acted as consultants to advance the service offering.

Com Hem on-demand service Com Hem on-demand service wireframes Com Hem on-demand service wireframes